Submission Guidelines

  •  Manuscript Preparation

    Manuscripts must be typed in English and submitted electronically in MS Word (or compatible) format. The word length is approximately 3000 to 8000, and no more than 8 figures or tables should be included. Authors are requested to submit mathematical material and graphics in an editable format.

    Abstract and Keywords

    Each manuscript must include an abstract of approximately 150 words written as a single paragraph. The abstract should not include mathematics or references and should not be repeated verbatim in the introduction. The abstract should be a self-contained overview of the aims, methods, experimental results, and significance of research outlined in the paper. Five carefully chosen keywords must be provided with the abstract.


    Manuscripts must be referenced at a level that conforms to international academic standards. All references must be numbered sequentially in-text and listed in corresponding order at the end of the paper. References that are not cited in-text should not be included in the reference list. References must be complete and formatted according to ZTE Communications Editorial Style. A minimum of 10 references should be provided. Footnotes should be avoided or kept to a minimum.

    Copyright and Declaration

    Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any material for which they do not hold copyright. Permission to reproduce any part of this publication for commercial use must be obtained in advance from the editorial office of ZTE Communications. Authors agree that a) the manuscript is a product of research conducted by themselves and the stated co-authors, b) the manuscript has not been published elsewhere in its submitted form, c) the manuscript is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. If the paper is an adaptation of a speech or presentation, acknowledgement of this is required within the paper. The number of co-authors should not exceed five.

    Content and Structure

    ZTE Communications seeks to publish original content that may build on existing literature in any field of communications. Authors should not dedicate a disproportionate amount of a paper to fundamental background, historical overviews, or chronologies that may be sufficiently dealt with by references. Authors are also requested to avoid the overuse of bullet points when structuring papers. The conclusion should include a commentary on the significance/future implications of the research as well as an overview of the material presented.

    Biographical Information

    All authors are requested to provide a brief biography (approx. 100 words) that includes email address, educational background, career experience, research interests, awards, and publications.

    Acknowledgements and Funding

    A manuscript based on funded research must clearly state the program name, funding body, and grant number. Individuals who contributed to the manuscript should be acknowledged in a brief statement.

    Address for Submission

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