Publishing and Copyright Information

  • Publishing and Copyright Information
    First Issue Published in 2003
    Supervised by: Anhui Publishing Group 
    Sponsored by: Time Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. 
                            Shenzhen Guangyu Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd.
    Edited and Circulated (Home and Abroad) by: Magazine House of ZTE Communications
    General Editor: WANG Xiyu
    Editor-in-chief: JIANG Xianjun
    Executive Editor-in-chief: HUANG Xinming 

    Editorial Director: LU Dan
    Editor in Charge: ZHU Li 
    Editors: REN Xixi, XU Ye and YANG Guangxi 

    Producer: XU Ying
    Circulation Executive: WANG Pingping

    Editorial Assistant: WANG Kun

    Editorial Correspondence:
    Add: 12F Kaixuan Building, 329 Jinzhai Road, Hefei 230061, P.R.China 
    Tel: +86-551-65533356
    Fax: +86-551-65850139

    Publication Licenses: ISSN 1673-5188 CN 34-1294/TN 
    Annual Subscription Rate: RMB ¥120

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